This Laundry Hack Makes Sorting Like Clothes So Much Easier

In Heather’s TikTok video, she explains her dotting system. Since her sons are close in age, she buys them similar clothing brands. Aside from new clothes, her sons use hand-me-downs from each other, making it more challenging to figure out who has each hand-me-down. However, her dot method helps her and her husband get the right clothes for each son. Heather claims her dotting system is simple. Her oldest son’s clothes get one dot on the tag, the middle son gets two dots, and the youngest son gets three dots on the label. 

When an item turns into a hand-me-down, Heather adds the dots relating to the child using the hand-me-down. In her video, she uses pajama pants as an example. The pajama pants are in good condition and were worn by the oldest, but since they don’t fit him anymore, they’ll be passed down to the middle son. So, Heather added an extra dot to the tag to let her know it’s not the oldest son’s anymore. You can follow this method if you and your siblings wear similar brands of clothing or if you have kids of your own. 

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