Sleek Nike Air Max Plus Sneakers Are Inspired By Light Painting Photography

A pair of Nike Air Max Plus Light Photography sneakers are seen.

A new “Light Photography” colorway of Nike Air Max Plus sneakers looks like it is heavily inspired by light painting photography.

The sneakers sport a fiery red and orange with bright white laces, and white lines branch out spreading from top to bottom, making the shoes look like a wearable canvas of light photography. The design can even be seen peeking out from inside as the pattern is also emblazoned on the footbeds.

Obviously, light plays a crucial role in all photography, but the shoes evoke images that use light painting. The style uses long exposure to manipulate how a moving light source (or a still light source and a moving camera) appears in the final picture. It’s been around since the late 1880s, so a bit longer than the Nike Air Max.

An image shows the Nike Air Max Plus Light Photography sneakers up close.

Nike’s Air Max line debuted in 1987 and has been a massive success for the company since.

“1987 saw the birth of the Air Max lineage, showcasing visible Air for the first time,” Nike’s website reads. “What began as an experiment in cushioning soon evolved into an icon on the track and the streets. Over the years, it’s been reimagined and retooled, but the heritage always remains.”

The light painting-inspired design is an interesting take on the line’s look. The “light” lines on the fabric are typically made from plastic accents that ripple down from the laces to the soles.

The heel of the Nike Air Max Pro Light Photography sneakers are seen.

PetaPixel reached out to Nike for information on the design and whether it uses an actual photograph that uses light painting. However, Nike did not return the request for comment. Still, the look and name evoke the popular photography method as the white lines cut across the bold orange and red hues.

“Let your attitude have the edge with a flame-like design that adds heat to the streets while airy mesh keeps you cool. The Air Max Plus gives you a tuned Nike Air experience that offers premium stability and unbelievable cushioning,” the description for the upcoming Air Max Plus design reads.

Nike Air Max Plus sneaker in cool blue "light painting photography" variant.
Hypebeast reports that a blue Light Photography Air Max Plus is slated to arrive at retailers later this year, although Nike has not disclosed precise availability information.

The Light Photography shoes release on Thursday, September 7. However, it seems like they’ll only be available in certain markets at launch. The Light Photography line appears on Nike sites for locations in Europe, Canada, and South Africa. For those with access, the Air Max Plus sneaker will cost €190, or a little over $200 USD. Nike has not shared information on a release of its Light Photography sneakers in the Americas (with the exception of Canada), Asia, or Australia.

Image Credits: Nike

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