Postponing back-to-school clothes shopping may help you save money – KIRO 7 News Seattle

Back-to-school shopping also means buying clothes and shoes for the new school year.

KIRO 7 Consumer Adviser Clark Howard tells us ways to save.

Never take fashion advice from me but take advice for your wallet about clothes.

Clothes are the most affordable they’ve ever been this back-to-school season.

Clothing stores and stores that are general merchandisers that sell clothing are so heavily stocked that clothing prices are extraordinary.

Plus, all the pressure in the marketplace coming from Shein, H&M and Zara is having a real impact on what you have to pay for clothing.

So, as you shop around, know that comparison shopping is going to be key, and waiting till later in the season to buy clothes for the school year will save you so much money.

Instead of feeling like you should frontload the purchases before school starts, wait until September. That’s when the deals are really going to be there.

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