Post Malone Gifts a Young Fan the Shoes He’s Wearing

Post Malone in concert

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There are some musicians who, when given the opportunity to make a fan’s day, happily take the chance. Rapper Post Malone is certainly one of them, a viral video shows. As part of the promotion for his new album, Austin, he held a meet-and-greet with fans from all walks of life. However, it was a young fan who got the grandest gesture from the singer, as Post Malone took off the shoes from his feet and gifted them to the kid.

In the video, the singer enthusiastically asks the kid his name and poses with him for a picture. Post Malone then gracefully asks if he wants to get anything signed. The boy, empty-handed, looks down at his feet, and the rapper takes a knee and autographs the checkered Vans the kid is wearing. After thanking him for being there, Post Malone simply asks “You want these?” and proceeds to untie his sneakers, signs them, and simply hands them to the child.

While this may take many people by surprise, Post Malone’s fans are no strangers to his kindness. “Such a cool dude. I would honestly not feel like asking him anything because of how selfless he is,” said one Reddit user. Another added, “As an older guy I now look up to people like Post Malone. He’s an inspiration to be nice. It really seems to make him happy, being so nice, and he spreads that joy to other people.”

As talented as he is music-wise, people can definitely find inspiration in his desire to spread joy and give back to those who have put him where is now. Post Malone is currently on the Latin American leg of his world tour, but meanwhile, you can also listen to his brand new album on Spotify.

During a meet-and-greet with fans, Post Malone took off the shoes from his feet, signed them, and gifted them to a young boy.

Post Malone gives zero hesitation
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