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NoOneLooksGoodWearing People Talk About The Clothing That Nobody Should Ever Wear

Fashion is definitely one of those subjective things – and yeah, some people can pull of looks that other people just can’t.

That said, these folks say there are some things absolutely no one can get away with, so avoid them at all costs.

Manbag pants.

Those nasty skinny pants with the saggy arse that looks like a full nappy from yesterday.

I think people are confusing drop crotch pants with the ones I mean which basically look like leggings but made from fabric and have a loose saggy arse.

I don’t know maybe its some weird kind of manbag for lugging around their lunch or mid week shopping or something but in reality it just looks like a loaded nappy.

She’s got the ick.

My fiance wears slides styled sandals with his toes dangling 2 inches over the front of the sandal.

Makes me SICK.

Not one person.

Listen, I absolutely love VR, but precisely no one looks good in a headset.

This is the best/worst story.

I’m a cop. About 15 years ago, we had a new guy who had just gotten off of Field Training. It was one of his first days riding as a solo officer. I’d made an arrest and was down at the jail standing in booking waiting for paperwork to be completed. I hear over the radio that he also made an arrest and is transporting to the jail.

I hear him tell dispatch to call the jail and have them prepared, because his prisoner is unruly and is a spitter. Not a big deal, we have spitmasks that we can put over a prisoners head to keep them from spitting on people. It’s essentially a big mosquito net – it’s just mesh.

So the deputies are getting ready for his arrival and they buzz him into the sallyport. The f**king guy gets out of the car, proceeds to put the spitmask on himself and then get the prisoner out and escort him into booking.

The f**king bonehead put it on himself to protect himself from the suspect spitting on him.

So here we all are, damn near pissing ourselves laughing in booking. Even the other prisoners were laughing their balls off. He got up to the booking door and was clueless.

Apparently he’d never had the opportunity to use one, so he didn’t know how they worked – he didn’t know they were supposed to go on the prisoner.

Red flag.

Those hoodies with the pictures of the anime girls making the orgasm face.

It doesn’t look good. It’s weird and creepy.

The cone of shame.

Those cones that dogs wear after surgery.

I think we can all agree…

klan hood

It’s not a good look.

Sharpie eyebrows.

Popcorn shirts!

Those weird scrunched one size fits all shirts that were a phase back in the 2010’s.


Long toenails. Like …NO

A good pair of overalls.

Those overalls that are just skinny jeans but with a bib.

When will that trend die so I can find a good pair of overalls.

Oddly specific.

Those threatening patriotic T-shirts that Facebook advertises to you that say what month you were born in and what NFL team you root for.

“Never underestimate men who love America, guns, and the Steelers and whose girlfriends were born in February. The girlfriend is a psychopath. And yes, she bought me this shirt.”

A game character.

What ever Kanye West is caught out in the public wearing. Man is dressed like a randomized game character

Go ahead and think about it.

Monster energy drink brand clothing. If you’re in a bar and some guy comes in wearing a Monster t shirt, what is your immediate thought?

It’s so uncomfortable!

Ridiculously long fake lashes.

Especially the long toenails. First time I saw them, I was standing in line waiting for my prescribed anti-emetic. I ended up barfing & splashing on those 3 inch toenails.

The double-take.

Flesh colored leggings.

I was mortified as a kid once because I thought I was looking at a bottomless chick walking around outside the school.

I mean, you do you.

This is just advice to keep in the back of your head.

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