Lykoi Overview Official Identify Lykoi Frequent Identify Lykoi Pet Peak 8 to 10 inches Pet Weight 6 to 12 kilos Lifespan 12 to fifteen years Good With cats, youngsters, canine, households, seniors Temperament affectionate, sociable Intelligence medium Shedding Quantity frequent Playfulness medium Vitality Stage lively Vocal Stage when crucial Coat Size hairless, quick Colours black / ebony Patterns shade level, strong Different Traits straightforward to groom, pleasant towards people, pleasant towards different pets, requires a number of grooming

All through historical past, mankind has clamored for a cat that seemed like Lon Chaney. And the Lykoi cat breed is right here to reply that want.

Additionally generally referred to as a “wolf cat” or “werewolf cat,” the Lykoi is actually one of the visually distinctive cat breeds on this planet. Regardless of their feral look, they’re pleasant, affectionate, playful cats who get together with people and different animals.


There is no manner round it: The Lykoi is perhaps a … difficult cat to like. This werewolf-like cat is mostly medium-sized with a slender, toned physique and wedge-shaped head that includes a hairless “masks” of pores and skin round its eyes, nostril, muzzle and backs of the ears. Some Lykois are even utterly hairless. This usually will get them confused with sphynx cats, although the 2 share no genetic connection.

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What coat the Lykoi does have is okay, quick, and comparatively mushy regardless of having a rough look. Black roan Lykoi cats are the usual shade, with a barely silvery look. The Lykoi has no undercoat, leaving him with simply the skinny high hairs, which might make them look nearly mangy—like a werewolf. Their eyes are practically spherical and amber or inexperienced in shade.

Regardless of their superb, comparatively quick coats, Lykoi aren’t thought-about a hypoallergenic cat breed. Lykoi are heavy shedders, generally much more than a typical home shorthair, and Lykoi kittens are even born with a full coat.

“The breed developed from natural-occurring mutations that generally seem in home cats,” says Marilyn Krieger, licensed cat habits marketing consultant in San Francisco. “Kittens are born with hair and begin shedding it round one or two weeks of age. [They] can turn into utterly bald, then their fur begins rising again.”

Earlier than bringing residence a Lykoi kitten, spend time with the breed to see how your allergy symptoms react.


This breed is an affable, easygoing cat. The Lykoi cat’s persona permits him to get alongside nicely with people, cats, and cat-friendly canine with equal ease. Lykoi cat habits is mostly fairly playful, however additionally they get lost on their very own for intervals of time.

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“Lykois are affectionate, candy cats and are additionally very playful and stuffed with vitality,” Krieger says.

They’re open to strangers, however could stay considerably aloof and shy round them at first, as they like the corporate of their common human companions and should keep on with them when firm is over.

Dwelling Wants

Due to that skinny coat, the Cat Fanciers’ Affiliation recommends maintaining Lykois as completely indoor cats. Their hair gives little safety from chilly or direct daylight, so maintaining them nicely away from each will go a great distance in the direction of maintaining your Lykoi wholesome and comfortable. Within the winter, you would possibly want to offer your Lykoi a heated cat mattress or a number of sweaters to maintain him comfy, particularly if he likes lounging close to drafty home windows to chatter at birds.

Past these major issues, the breed is fairly adaptable. They do not climb or conceal any greater than a typical breed, so a multi-level cat tree, a number of scratching posts, and a few toys ought to swimsuit them completely nicely. Multi-pet houses are not often an issue for Lykoi kittens, particularly if they have been correctly launched and socialized once they’re younger.


Do you get pleasure from brushing cats? As a result of you are going to need to brush this cat. They’re pretty common shedders and, a pair instances a 12 months, Lykois can shed their complete coat earlier than rising it again for the subsequent season. Brushing a couple of times per week will preserve you forward of a lot of the common shedding, however the cats may also want bathing as soon as a month or so to maintain their uncovered pores and skin clear and freed from oil buildup.

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“As a result of they will accumulate a little bit oil round their ears and nails, ears must be cleaned and claws wiped with a mushy fabric,” Krieger says.

Although their grooming routine seems to be a little bit completely different from different cat breeds, Lykois nonetheless want typical housecat care, too. This consists of maintaining their nails trimmed, their meals and water bowls replenished, and their litter field clear.

As a result of Lykois are clever and playful cats, they want a number of consideration and playtime with their people to be mentally stimulated and comfortable. “Lykois are extremely lively cats,” Krieger says. “They like to play, some will retrieve, and so they like to work together with their individuals.”

Well being

The Lykoi is such a brand new breed, it is actually nonetheless too early to have a very good grasp on their genetic make-up and potential points. Getting yours checked for your whole commonplace cat points, together with Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) and coronary heart points is your finest guess.

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“The most typical factor we see in cats so far as illness is kidney illness. That is actually simply throughout the board in cats,” explains Michelle Beck, DVM, CCRT, CVA, of the Backlund Animal Clinic in Omaha, Neb. “[And] cats, by the age of 10, [about] 70 p.c of them have arthritis someplace of their physique.”

Have interaction in a wholesome dialog along with your veterinarian about how your Lykoi is growing old and preserve an eye fixed out for any potential points at residence.

“Hyperthyroidism is widespread as nicely,” provides Lin Kauffman, DVM, of the Prairie View Animal Hospital in Grimes, Iowa. House owners can deal with that illness, which spawns from an enlarged thyroid, by means of radiation remedy and meals low in iodine, she says.

Historical past

The mutation that provides the Lykoi his distinct coat and look has been a randomly occurring phenomena in feral cats for years. In 2011, breeders Patti Thomas and Johnny Gobble based the breed, producing the primary litter of werewolf-kittens.

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In keeping with The Worldwide Cat Affiliation (TICA), the breeders matched a pair of unrelated Lykois to show the breed particularly got here from the cats’ genes. Some Lykoi cats are nonetheless born to feral cat colonies.

TICA granted the Lykoi registration standing in 2012. As of 2017, TICA has accepted the breed for championship standing.

Enjoyable Details

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