Joe Rogan stunned by YouTuber’s custom sneakers for him with obscure references

Published: 2023-08-29T13:46:39

  ❘   Updated: 2023-08-29T13:46:50

Joe Rogan was left stunned by the custom pair of sneakers that YouTuber MARKO designed for him based on some of his own tattoos and his favorite books. 

Customizing sneakers and shoes has always been a thing within the sneakerhead community, but up until the last few years, it was typically done for yourself. You’d put your name and a few things you liked on sneakers and you were done with it.

Now, custom sneakers and designs have become big business. Plenty of athletes and celebrities have been rocking their favorite pairs of shoes with unique designs on them. Many athletes do it to show support for different causes and charities, as well as showing love to their family.

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In the case of Joe Rogan, he was gifted a pair of custom sneakers by YouTuber Marko ahead of UFC 292 that were designed based on some of his favorite things – including tattoos, life advice, and of course, hunting. 

Joe Rogan gets custom Puma sneakers and loves them

In total, it took MARKO nine days to complete the pair of custom Puma shoes for Rogan, as he swapped out the iconic Puma for the JRE Podcast logo. 

“Dude! These are so cool,” Rogan said after getting his first glimpse at them. “That is so cool. Dude, I’m going to wear these at the UFC weigh-ins today. I’m pumped, thank you very much. Thank you.”

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The main body of the design featured art styled on Miyamoto Musashi and The Book of 5 Rings, which Rogan has talked about on numerous podcasts. Marko also added genuine archery targets to the heel of the shoe, as well as incorporating Rogan’s Egyptian Pharoah tattoos on the tongue. 

With this being a piece of art for Rogan, it wouldn’t be complete without some aliens. So, naturally, they’re included in the insole of the shoe. 

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The JRE host even fulfilled his promise of wearing them during the UFC 292 weigh-ins, and hopefully he’ll do a deep dive during an upcoming episode at some point.

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