I’m a car security expert – here are the best accessories to stop thieves from stealing your motor

A CAR security expert has revealed the best accessories to stop thieves from stealing your motor.

Brits are justifiably concerned about the increasing level of car break-ins, with data showing that there were over 100,000 vehicle thefts across England and Wales in 2022.

A car security expert has revealed the best accessories to stop thieves from stealing your motor


A car security expert has revealed the best accessories to stop thieves from stealing your motorCredit: Getty

Modern car hacking technology has fuelled an almost 20 per cent rise in stolen vehicles – leading people to seek out enhanced safety measures.

For those worried about the security of their vehicle, car experts at LKQ Euro Car Parts have listed a few tips to protect your motor from thieves.

Protect your key fob 

Criminals have become smarter as technology has advanced and can now hack car key signals through radio-frequency identification.

Fortunately, there are various products on the market that can block these commonly used signals and prevent this method of theft.  

And signal blocking wallets and key boxes work by inserting any car keys that need protecting into the pouch or box simply so that they will be safe from any incoming signal.

Install a GPS tracking device 

If none of the above measures seems to ease the nerves, another contingency plan is to install a vehicle GPS tracker.

With this in place, stolen vehicles can be tracked to their location, often leading to both the car and the thief in question. 

And the GPS tracker can also be moved and used to track other valuable items such as luggage when flying or backpacks and handbags.

Try VIN Etching 

If a vehicle is stolen, methods such as VIN Etching make the car easier to recover.

This simple process works by etching the vehicle identification number into the windows and windscreens and can be done at most local dealerships.

Although it won’t prevent car theft in general, it’s another valuable security measure to ensure stolen vehicles can be returned to their rightful owners. 

Park somewhere safe and hide all your valuables 

It’s easy to overlook the importance of a secure parking space when hunting for something last minute, but this can be the simple difference between having your car stolen or not. 

Street parking is the biggest risk to any vehicle, especially in areas that lack CCTV, lighting and parking attendants. Instead, always opt for a parking garage as these have security gates and cameras, deterring potential car thieves.  

And car sat navs, charging cables, and loose change should also be removed from the vehicle when parking up.

Always try to park under a streetlight or install cameras that point in that direction. 

Lock up parts of your car when not in use 

Taking more serious measures to prevent car theft, steering and wheel locks provide an extra layer of protection for those with further worries. 

Steering wheel immobilisers work by locking the steering wheel in place, stopping any potential criminals from driving away with your car.

Car wheel clamps are a more heavy-duty option and lock around the tyre to deter criminals before they even enter the vehicle. 

If you have a designated parking spot, foldable parking barriers are a great protective measure for those looking for something easy to install and effective.

As well as preventing vehicle theft, foldable barriers protect designated driving spots from being taken by other drivers. 

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