Hypoallergenic Cats_ 8 Breeds That Shed Much less And May Scale back Your Allergy Signs

It’s an issue many cat lovers face: You’re keen on cats, however you are additionally allergic. What’s a feline fan to do? You could have heard about hypoallergenic cats — however what precisely does “hypoallergenic” imply, and may you actually safely turn into a cat guardian even with allergic reactions? (Achoo!)

We talked to Dr. Alex Schechter from Burrwood Veterinary in Detroit, and Dr. Laura Robinson, affiliate veterinarian at Antonio Animal Hospital in Southern California, who defined what makes a cat hypoallergenic and which cat breeds match the hypoallergenic invoice.

What does it imply if a cat is hypoallergenic?

“Hypoallergenic cats are these which can be much less prone to set off allergic reactions or different antagonistic uncomfortable side effects in individuals with delicate pores and skin,” Dr. Schechter instructed The Dodo. With persistent grooming, “all cats have the potential to be hypoallergenic, however some could also be simpler to take care of than others.”

If a cat is hypoallergenic, this doesn’t imply they’re resistant to having allergic reactions themselves, however fairly, they’re much less prone to trigger them in people. “The distinctive coat construction of hypoallergenic cats has been mentioned to have such a small quantity of fur that it’s nearly nonexistent, and their lack of hair gives fewer surfaces for allergens to connect to,” Dr. Schechter defined.

Dr. Schechter mentioned that cats with fewer hair coats or finer fur are usually the least allergenic sorts of cats, which incorporates any home shorthair breeds and Siamese cats.

What causes cat allergic reactions in people?

It ought to be famous that cat fur itself isn’t essentially the reason for itchy eyes, hives and sneezing in people. Fairly, it’s a protein known as Fel D1.

“Ten cat allergens have been recognized in inflicting immune system (allergy) reactions in people,” Dr. Robinson instructed The Dodo. “The principle offender in our cat allergic reactions is a protein known as Fel D1, which is produced by salivary, sebaceous (within the pores and skin), perianal (within the anal sacs) and lacrimal (within the eye) glands.”

So, anytime your cat licks herself, she spreads Fel D1 onto her pores and skin and fur. And when that fur and dander sheds, Fel D1 goes in all places — it might even turn into airborne. “Due to its small measurement and low weight, Fel D1 can float within the air for lengthy intervals and readily adheres to surfaces equivalent to sweaters, blankets and carpeting,” Dr. Robinson mentioned.

“Technically, there are not any true anti-allergy cats,” Dr. Robinson continued, explaining that cats who’re known as “hypoallergenic” produce fewer allergens in a technique or one other in comparison with different breeds, both by shedding much less or producing fewer quantities of Fel D1.

Some research have proven that particular cat breeds can produce much less Fel D1 proteins in comparison with different cats, however extra analysis is required to conclude if these cats really trigger much less of an allergic response in people.

“Earlier than you welcome a cat into your house … spend a while round your chosen breed to search out out in the event that they set off your allergic reactions,” Dr. Robinson mentioned. And seek the advice of your physician earlier than doing so, as they may have just a few suggestions, suggestions or warnings tailor-made to your allergy prognosis that it is advisable know earlier than spending time with cats.

What are the commonest breeds of hypoallergenic cats?

With all that being mentioned, some who are suffering from cat allergic reactions could discover that particular cat breeds with hair are much less prone to trigger reactions. Based on Drs. Schechter and Robinson, the commonest hypoallergenic cat breeds are:


Oriental shorthair


Devon rex

Cornish rex


Russian Blue


These breeds are identified to supply much less shed and have silky coats that require minimal upkeep. Balinese and different Siberian breeds have longer hair and shed seasonally. However, as talked about, they’re believed to supply much less Fel D1 protein, which can make them a extra suitable breed for pet mother and father with allergic reactions.

A few of these breeds can also require extra care than different cats — particularly hairless breeds, who need assistance maintaining with day by day skincare regimens, and cats with longer hair who need assistance grooming. Ensure you’re trying into adopting a cat who may even suit your life-style in addition to your allergy prognosis.

Are hairless cats hypoallergenic?

As a result of the Fel D1 protein is linked to pores and skin and saliva as an alternative of cat hair, hairless cats should not essentially hypoallergenic.

“Hairless cats should not hypoallergenic and may very well be much less hypoallergenic than their long-haired counterparts,” Dr. Schechter defined, because of the gummy buildup on their pores and skin.

However should you bathe your hairless cat recurrently, you may cut back the quantity of buildup and dander that may trigger an allergic response.

How one can assist relieve your cat allergy signs

When you nonetheless itch and sneeze regardless of your cat being a hypoallergenic breed, there are just a few methods you may cut back the severity of your allergic response.

Take an antihistamine. You’ll be able to choose up an over-the-counter antihistamine, or your physician could prescribe you a extra highly effective one; verify with what they advocate.

Bathe your cat with a dander-reducing shampoo or wipe her down with cat wipes.

Ask your vet about switching your cat’s meals to an allergen-reducing meals.

Launder and clear mushy surfaces in your house often.

Spend money on an air air purifier.

Use dust-free and non-tracking cat litter to chop down on the quantity of Fel D1 within the air.

Cat allergic reactions are not any enjoyable for anybody — particularly cat lovers. However adopting a hypoallergenic cat and serving to her preserve her dander and shed could assist curb your signs simply sufficient so you may efficiently cuddle with minimal itch.

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