How Apple calculates iPhone revenue for refurbished phones

In the past few years, Apple is doing Trade-in programs on a large scale, where Apple buys old phones and offers discounts on new iPhones. After buying those old phones from users, they refurbish them and sell them to other companies. Now, I am having a doubt. While Apple refurbishes iPhones and sells them, Apple makes some revenue on those iPhones. Does Apple report those sales revenue of refurbished iPhones under iPhone category of segment reporting while Apple announces those quarterly results? While Apple reports quarterly results, Apple does not have a category called ‘Miscellaneous’ in quarterly results. This refurbished iPhone sales cannot come under Services segment. And also cannot come under Accesories. So, Most probably, sales of old iPhone also is reported under iPhone segment. Should Apple report refurbished products seperately? Does this issue well known to everyone already (maybe I dont know this).


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