Helen Mirren shares life-changing £5 beauty secret as fans stunned by make-up free snaps

Hollywood icon Helen Mirren has long been admired for her timeless beauty and pride in growing older naturally, and the actress has now revealed how she keeps her youthful glow

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BAFTAs: Helen Mirren on tribute to the Queen

Dame Helen Mirren has shared the secret behind her youthful glow at 78 – and the product she swears by is only £5.

Earlier this week, the Hollywood icon unveiled her timeless beauty while some errands in LA. The legendary British actress made headlines thanks to her ageless appearance as she looked radiant as she rocked up at the Kootnz hardware store. Helen looked amazing while wearing a maxi floral skirt which she teamed with a bright blue jumper with a low-scooped neckline.

The Queen actress, who appeared to be makeup-free, played up for the cameras as she pointed at her brown paper shopping bag and beamed ear-to-ear in the striking snaps which highlighted her youthful glow.

Admired by many for her refreshing attitude to growing older, Helen has previously spoken about vowing to change beauty standards for women, insisting her generation has been hamstrung by ageism for ‘far too long.’

Helen was spotted earlier this week looking flawless without makeup



Helen swears by Castor Oil


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Given that Helen looks so good for her age, fans of the movie star has long pondered how she continues to look so fresh-faced as the years go by. As it turns out, Helen swears by one particular product – and lucky for us, it doesn’t break the bank. The much-loved Hollywood star has revealed that she can’t live without castor oil – a natural product that can be bought for only £5.

“I love castor oil. I use a little bit in my hair – very, very little. I use it on my fingernails. I use it on my skin,” she told told People about her go-to beauty product. “Castor oil is amazing. A tiny bit on your hair gives it a little shine, a little separation. I use it on my eyebrows, eyelashes, fingernails – just rub it in.”

As for the rest of her beauty routine, Helen does not fuss and prefers to keep things simple when it comes to skincare and makeup. “A beautiful mascara or lipstick is going to make you look great for the evening. But the things that really last are to have a great skin, to be fairly fit – nothing extreme – and to eat healthily,” she added. “If there is a mantra I would pass onto a younger generation it would be to take more care of what goes into your body – please don’t smoke, please – because those are the things that last.”

Helen Mirren has revealed the secret to her ageless looks



Helen Mirren recently showed off her long silver locks on the red carpet


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While Helen tries her best to do a small form of exercise every day, she doesn’t restrict herself when it comes to her diet, and instead tries to maintain a balanced diet. The actress admitted that she still loves to enjoy a drink now and again, and would never refuse a donut if one crossed her path.

As she approaches her 80th birthday, Helen has continues to fight the stigma of growing older and fight ageism for women who don’t have a voice. “It’s extremely annoying to women of my generation and others following mine to have beauty products sold on a 15-year-old face. I don’t want to die young, so I’m going to get old. I think to stay engaged in life, to stay curious about life, to stay with a sense of learning about life, constantly,” she told Grazia in 2019:

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