Every Product You Need For A Flawless Complexion

“A healthy glowing Makeup is my favorite type of make up to do,” shares makeup artist and founder of Dominique Cosmetics, Christen Dominique. “Clean skin is important for makeup to apply smoothly. Before starting a glowy makeup look, Dominique recommends throughly cleansing the face and using a toner to ensure your skin’s cleanliness. “When you’re ready to apply makeup, take a hydrating yet tacky primer that works well for your skin type.” This ensures that any cream-based makeup products following primers will apply evenly, smoothly, and last all day.

Makeup artist and TikTok content creator Danielle Estrada also shared her secrets to pulling off the look. “I always start out with hydrated prepped skin before applying makeup. I love using a super hydrating moisturizer under makeup,” Estrada explains. “I then stick with mostly cream products vs powder to keep the skin glowing and still keeping the skin looking like skin.” To lock in the look, she opts for a minimal powder that will keep the glow followed by a cream or liquid-based highlighter.

Estrada finishes off any glowy making look with a few spritzes of hydrating setting spray to bring moisture to the face. “My number one tip is less is more! I like to apply minimal product and add layers! This makes it easier to apply the product and is more forgiving,” she says. Additionally, when applying highlighter, Estrada opts for a beauty-blender for that desirable skin-like finish. 

If you’re wondering which products these two beauty queens use to create their signature glowy makeup looks, you’re in luck! Keep scrolling to see which products they’re using nonstop (plus the ones beauty editors swear by).

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