Amrêve Makes Sustainable Fashions Accessible in Westchester

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Amrêve is an organic women’s clothing line by a sustainably-minded Scarsdale couple that provides an alternative to fast fashion.

As summer wardrobe staples like shorts and tank tops fade out, fall favorites like soft sweaters and comfy loungewear take the spotlight when it’s time to get dressed. However, when keeping in mind the highly processed nature of fast fashion that tends to dominate seasonal trends, that new fall wardrobe may not be the best for your skin and overall well-being.

That is why Nicole Vives, founder of Amrêve, alongside her husband Dany Vives, released a comfy loungewear line that’s sustainably designed to meet the wearer’s needs and prioritize wellness.

“The overall goal is to continue our mission to improve the health and happiness of women whenever we can,” Nicole explains.

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Pine & Fable Photography

Amrêve launched online less than a month ago. Yet it was around 2018 and 2019 that Nicole constructed the idea for the brand when she realized the terrible impacts of the clothes she was wearing.

“Fast fashion is in our faces all the time, and it’s trendy,” she observes. Unfortunately, it can cause microplastics, such as polyester, in the clothes to travel into wastewater that is then dumped in the ocean or even absorbed into our skin. For factory workers at nonorganic clothing brands, this skin absorption can also be coupled with negative impacts from other potentially hazardous chemicals.

Following these realizations, Nicole tried to find brands that sold organic clothing as she converted to a healthier lifestyle. However, she hit a dead end when the brands she found would advertise selling organic clothing lines but were not actually certified. Nicole notes, “It was sort of brainwashing.”

That’s when she asked around her circle to see if people were interested in organic clothing and her mission. And they were!

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