A new flagship model for large-format technical printers!


The leading global printer manufacturer in 2022—Epson introduces a new flagship model that will join the SureColor T-series.

Epson SureColor SC-T7730D launched: A new flagship model for large-format technical printers!
Epson SureColor SC-T7730D

Epson’s newest flagship large-scale printer launched!

The said model is called SureColor SC-T7730D, it is a 44-inch large-format technical printer design with a focus on precision and consistency. Epson claimed this device will produce secure and on-point detailed prints for every professional project. The brand continued that it is targeted for a wide range of corporate and government use.

Moreover, the said printer comes with an improved print rate of 23 seconds, the fastest speed in its category as per Epson. This will aid businesses (users) to achieve enhanced productivity rates while also providing accurate details with its 2.64″ MicroTFP printhead.

When it comes to minimizing downtime media changes, the SureColor SC-T7730D features a dual roll function w/auto-switch and take-up reel to bring constant large-scale prints. 

Meanwhile, it supports board media and cut-sheet printing to facilitate optimized media handling. According to the brand, this low-maintenance feat can assist virtually hands-free business operations, thus making the user’s workflow more efficient and allowing more time spent on other important tasks.

Epson says the finer details can be achieved through the device’s UltraChrome XD3 6-Color pigment ink set. The brand continued that the addition of red ink will produce rich and vivid pictures alongside high color saturation making it ideal for signage and high-end professional posters.

Additionally, it features water, smudge, and fade-resistant qualities to ensure sustained print quality in any type of environment.

Apart from high-grade productivity qualities, the flagship Epson printer is designed to fit in any type of modular workplace arrangement. It has a compact body with full-frontal operations where users can seamlessly modify their settings and check on the ink tray.

Epson also talked about how it comes with an optional SSD to further enhance the print capability suited for vast amounts of data. The SSD, storage, and serverless authentication functions can allow an efficient throughput, bringing drastic functional improvements. The printer can connect via either WiFi or USB host for direct printing as well. While it is partnered with Epson Smart Panel mobile app for a more seamless experience.

We are proud to present the latest flagship addition to our SureColor T-series printers. Specifically designed to help businesses boost efficiency and reduce downtime in today’s digitally-connected hybrid workplace, the SC-T7730D is built for swift production speeds and impressive quality prints that customers rely on time after time. With the functional flat-top design and added security functions, this new printer exemplifies our class-leading print performance brought to life by Epson’s cutting-edge technologies, said Eduardo Bonoan, Marketing Division Head of Epson Philippines.

Lastly, Epson points out its security features as it comes with encryption for SSDs to the user’s data is protected. It also has Epson Print Admin solutions or integrated third-party solutions with the Epson Open Platform for further security enhancement.

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