90 Day Fiancé – TJ’s Mother Alka Critiques “Obnoxious” Kimberly’s “Indecent” Clothing


  • TJ’s mom, Alka, is scandalized by Kimberly’s “indecent” clothing, forgetting the traditions she’s supposed to follow as a daughter-in-law.
  • Alka believes Kimberly should dress appropriately and show respect to her elders, but TJ defends Kimberly and wants his family to accept her.
  • There is tension between TJ and his brother Yash, as Yash dislikes Kimberly and tries to influence their parents against her, potentially causing problems before their wedding.

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way star Tejaswi Goswami aka TJ’s mom Alka is scandalized by Kimberly Rochelle’s “indecent” clothing ahead of the couple’s wedding. TJ, a voice actor from Jaipur, Rajasthan, and Kimberly, from Muscle Shoals, Alabama, connected in an online group for spiritually inclined individuals. TJ claims to have manifested Kimberly into becoming his girlfriend, while clairvoyant Kimberly had seen TJ in her dreams even before she met him on the Internet. Kimberly visited TJ in India on a student visa and even stayed in the country for a year.

However, now that she’s moved there for good to get married to TJ, Kimberly seems to have forgotten the “traditions” and “customs” she’s supposed to follow as a daughter-in-law of the household. In a preview clip for The Other Way season 5, by ET, Kimberly, who’s been staying with TJ in an apartment built over his existing house, hesitatingly heads downstairs to see his family, which consists of his brother Yash, mother Alka, and father Sushil.

Alka is sorting out some clothes for the upcoming wedding. She doesn’t acknowledge Kimberly’s “Namaste” but does notice the American woman’s ripped jeans and asks TJ, “Doesn’t she know how to dress in front of others?” TJ tells his mom “It’s okay,” but she responds that Kimberly “should know some manners.” Alka mutters, “She should at least show some manners,” while TJ groans that he just wants to sit down for a moment.

90 Day Fiancé’s TJ Tells Brother To “Shut Up”

Montage of Kimberly and TJ from 90 Day Fiance

A daughter-in-law should wear appropriate clothes,” Alka proceeds to tell the cameras in private. She feels Kimberly should have “dressed fully.” She adds, “Her cloth below is completely missing” and laughs, “What’s the point of wearing clothes?” Alka expects Kimberly to respect her elders, especially TJ’s dad, who is seated right there and appears offended. “It’s not as if her coming to the house in indecent clothes will benefit her in any way,” she adds. TJ’s elder brother Yash also taunts Kimberly that she needs to learn some manners. TJ wants his brother to be patient with Kimberly, but he’s already decided that she’s not the right match for their family.

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TJ reminds his family that it’s not the first time Kimberly has worn something like that. But his mother, who looks like she’s been influenced by Yash into disliking Kimberly, wants TJ to be responsible for Kimberly’s actions. Alka mentions the argument between Kimberly and Yash from a previous episode where she told her future brother-in-law, “Don’t touch me.” Alka fears that Kimberly’s words would land them in jail. Upon watching how Yash is egging their mom, TJ reaches his breaking point, asking his brother to shut up. “Talking nonsense, on and on,” he yells at Yash.

TJ doesn’t want Yash to interfere in his relationship. While his mom prefers to take Yash’s side, probably because he’s the eldest, TJ wants them to respect his partner because, eventually, he wants them to stay together as a happy family. But with Yash having already decided that he resents Kimberly, he’s sure to poison his parents’ minds about his younger sibling’s wife-to-be. It remains to be seen how Kimberly reacts when she realizes her clothes are now an issue in the household with her wedding on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way being mere days away.

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way airs Mondays at 8 p.m. EDT on TLC.

Source: ET/YouTube

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