10 Intelligent Methods to Hold Cats From Shredding Your Curtains

Cats love home windows they usually have a tendency to love climbing issues. Scratching surfaces permits them to stretch, mark the floor with their scent, and work off anxiousness and aggression. Whereas these behaviors are all acquainted to most cat homeowners, they will imply break on your window remedies. Cats won’t be attempting to be tiny hurricanes of destruction, however they positive are good at it. Listed below are some methods to restrict their path of wreckage.

Open the curtains

Opening the curtains can really clear up a few of the points with cats trying to climb them. Cats are usually curious, they usually usually need to look out of home windows, however they don’t have opposable thumbs like we do, so they could simply choose to get rid of the impediment to their view. Transferring the curtains to the aspect will give your cat entry to the view they’re after, they usually may cease attempting to destroy the curtains within the course of.

Give them a greater place to climb

Providing your cat a superior climbing choice may also help distract them out of your curtains. A cat tree, climbing construction, or cat cabinets may also help dissuade curtain annihilation by giving an energetic cat a greater climbing expertise. In the event that they’re climbing to get a greater view and procure the safety of a top benefit, a cat perch also can give them what they need with out sacrificing your window remedies.

Provide them a scratching publish

A scratching publish, particularly one which’s doused with catnip spray or sprinkled with dried catnip will give your cat a spot to scratch that isn’t damaging. Scratching helps cats relieve stress, so giving them place to do it that isn’t your curtains is a win for each of you . The bonus of choosing a scratching publish it that your cat will probably even be calmer and fewer aggressive generally after utilizing one, particularly one that’s laced with catnip.

Give them some stimulation

Preserving cats occupied will cut back their need for destruction. Some cats act out just because they’re bored. Hold some cat toys available to entertain them and entry their predator instincts to maintain damaging conduct to a minimal— plus, enjoying together with your cat is a stress reliever for you, too.

Give them a window perch

In case your cat is obsessive about a specific window, like mine is , present them with a window perch from which to guage the neighborhood in consolation. This will both be a desk or shelf that’s the precise top on your cat to see out the window, or a specialised cat platform that attaches to your windowsill.

Give them a superior hiding spot

Cats typically claw or pull down curtains whereas they’re attempting to cover behind them, so strive giving them hiding place that isn’t backstage panels. A comfortable various may hold them from wrecking the curtains of their seek for a comfortable spot to curve up in. Cat igloos or cat forts are various to hiding behind the drapes in case your cat desires a comfortable spot to cover.

Strive an alarm

If your entire encouragement to deal with different issues doesn’t achieve redirecting your cat, you’ll be able to strive a movement sensor alarm that may make a noise when your cat tries to climb. The noise the alarm makes is probably going disagreeable to your cat, and in the event that they join the noise with the act of climbing, you might be able to discourage them from ruining the curtains.

Use citrus

To make the scent of your curtains disagreeable to a cat, you’ll be able to strive a citrus spray. Cats don’t just like the scent of citrus and it additionally leaves a bitter style on their paws that they dislike—however you probably gained’t thoughts the scent.

Trim their nails

Trimming your cat’s nails may also help hold them from getting their claws caught in cloth as they’re transferring about it . Since indoor cats don’t usually stroll round on abrasive surfaces to put on down the factors on their nails, it is best to usually trim their nails to assist hold them from shredding cloth, both by chance or deliberately.

See a vet

In case your cat is having different conduct issues or in the event that they appear to be abruptly wound up or out of kinds, their conduct may very well be linked to a well being downside. If their need to claw curtains comes on abruptly and is mixed with aggression, peeing in uncommon places, or uncharacteristic vocalizations, it’s time to see a vet.

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